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2003 1 meter color infrared imagery for Camden County, Missouri

CODE: CD-MO-29029-1cir2003

Price: $19.99

Generic Sample of 1 meter color infrared imagery from Midwest, USA

1 meter imagery zoomed in. This shows the level of detail you will get for your entire county.

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2003 Aerial Photography CD of Camden County, MO Product Information

Info for the GIS professional:

  • Date = 2003 spring/summer
  • Coverage = All of Camden County, Missouri
  • Projection = UTM
  • Resolution = 1 meter color infrared ortho-rectified imagery
  • Format = MrSID
  • Compatible = all ESRI products, (ArcGIS, ArcView, ArcInfo, ArcMap, ArcPAD etc.), Erdas, MapInfo, ERMapper, AutoCAD any other GIS software that reads MrSID format
  • Delivery = FTP or CD/DVD
  • No restrictions of use. Commercial use is allowed

  • Info for Novice user:

  • Free GIS viewer software -Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/Vista/Win7. MAC users must run under windows dual boot.
  • Easy to use - No experience needed
  • Print aerial photos at any scale on your own printer, even large posters
  • Pan and zoom in/out
  • Measure distances/areas
  • Read UTM map coordinates
  • Adjust brightness/contrast
  • Export image to JPEG, TIFF, PDF, etc.
  • 100% coverage for your County
  • 1 Meter Pixel Resolution - See above sample
  • 2003 Aerial Photography taken in the spring/summer
  • Delivery = CD/DVD
  • No restrictions of use. Commercial use is allowed. Use in publications, websites, & maps/posters. You get full utility of the data - not just a jpg snapshot! Our competitors license their imagery and state "You may not use the imagery in any commercial or business environment or for any commercial or business purposes for yourself or any third parties."

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    Larger sample of Aerial with TOPO - PDF export from program (2 megabyte) .
    Here are instructions for making the Aerial with TOPO overlay map

  • 2003 1 meter color infrared imagery for Camden County, Missouri
    2003 Aerial Photography of Camden County, Missouri. Imagery compatible for GIS mapping in ArcView, ArcMap, Erdas, MapInfo, AutoCAD, & Global Mapper.
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    Product ID: CD-MO-29029-1cir2003
    $19.99 New In Stock